Advertisement production:Managerial Director seat “TYPO”

Producing a video presentation of a product requires specialized knowledge of the subject and creative perception for a different, recognizable and communicatively correct result. Our company SIGMA - OFFICE FURNITURE trusted!

Advertisement production:Managerial Director seat “MANTIS”

Video presentation of the Mantis office chair by SIGMA office furniture company. The aim of the project was to record and highlight the different seating arrangements.

Τραταμέντο - variety of flavors

The film project of the restaurant Tramento had a humorous and fun note in presenting its delicious dishes.

Alexandros Sports Center

The filming of the Alexander Sports Center was a demonstration project of the sports center and its academies.

Mechanicus- Technical Operational Consultants

Mechanicus was created in 2010 with the primary focus of providing one-stop services to businesses, fully meeting their needs both during their creation and in their operation and development, while building long-term collaborations. The development of seven (7) different service delivery areas of key importance make Mechanicus a Leader for New and Existing Professionals

Ecopharm Hellas S.A.

Ecopharm Hellas S.A. is a dynamic company founded in 1996. The expertise of Ecopharm Hellas S.A. is focused on cultivation and harvesting of good quality oregano plant for use as food seasoning and for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade or high grade oregano essential oil.


The filming aimed at presenting specialized services of the Creative Child Employment Centers - CHILDREN was a dynamic and emotionally creative collaboration.

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