Nikos Vourvachakis

Professional photographer and cinematographer.

Nikos Vourvachakis fell in love with the Art of Photography from avery early age as he ‘shooted’ as an amateur his first ‘film’ with his friends in the age of thirteen. He was his father’s assistant who was a cameraman in Germany from his early childhood.

Apart from imaging and montage Nikos Vourvahakis was professionally occupied with Lighting for more than twenty years , in night clubs , concerts and numerous kinds of cultural events.

He has been professionally occupied with filming and montage the last ten years.

Α photo lives , it has its own action, combined with the life of the viewer , as a gold coin, as a piece of crystal

Andreas Empririkos




Our photo shooting, always based on your personal style and way of living but on our experience as well, creates unique pictures that revive and register the feelings of this important day, capturing the smile and the joy of the couple , their friends and their relatives in such a way that it encloses all the feelings that you experienced


Our children are the most irrefutable witnesses of our life and their baptism is the next important moment after their birth.Our team imprints in photos this day and the joy of the moments with an outstanding way and a unique concept. The only thing you have to do is to let us know how you imagine the register of this moment and we are there to realize your ideas.

Video shooting

If you want to see the most important moments of your life passing live in front of your eyes , then video shooting is what you are seeking. Our team with a long experience in Video shooting, cinematographically records all the moments of your life that are worth to remember.


Our qualified team undertakes the technical coverage and the shooting of documentaries


We specialize in drone aerial services cinematography photography filming showcase videos. This service is for companies other than Real Estate that can benefit from aerial images. Companies involved in Advertising, Marketing, Architecture, Construction, Public Sports, Inspection and Agriculture can all benefit. Images can be used for promotional, inspection, training or entertainment purposes. Help your customers get a better understanding of your business location, product or services with aerial pictures or video clips.


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